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features Golden Archer & David


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You will have opportunity to meet two NPC in Elbeland. Golden Archer serves to his master David. There for David ordered him to collect Rena-s from Special Mobs in Noria called , "Gigas Golem" that spawns every 15 minutes in random location. It will give you 1x Rena per kill. 

You will need to collect 10x of them to bring Renas to Golden Archer in Elbeland (22,211)


You will need to register at least 10 Renas to get "Lucky Item Card" that can be 1st and 2nd Grade as well. ( % of 2nd grade is much lower then 1st grade card drop rate. )



This card you will need to bring to David near Golden Archer. And in Exchange you will get Helm, Armor , Pants , Gloves or Boots depends on the part of the card you will have. 


There are 2 grades of Ancient items depends on the card grade, so for example

1st grade item for Dark Lord will be : Moro's Scale

2nd grade item for Dark Lord will be : Moro's Adamantine

Items can be randomly from +0 to +6

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