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How to report a player broken the rules


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This is a little guide how to fill up a complain against the player who broked the rules of the server.


Topic description sample:

Dracarys / Kanjo / 4.1 ( This is the rule pointed from our "server rules".

Please be sure to make all descriptions according to the guide, in other case we won't review it.

Further on - fill the form as it is shown in example:
1. My nickname: OpineL
2. Game server: Dracarys x5000
3. Number of the violated rule: 4.1
4. Nickname of offender: (making a link on the character, as it is shown in the example) for example: Kanjo
5. The conversation tab has to be opened fully. (21 lines) 

You can use  image hosts as img.us radikal.ru files.fm and others, to upload original size screenshots from the game, in case if image will have small size, we won't review it. Conversation must be clearly visible.

Note: If insults were made in any other than English language, it is obligatory to provide translations along with original screenshots and you should type in a same way in the topic as well.


Screenshot requirements:
1. Screenshot should be made in-game, and must not be edited.
2. Time and date should be visible.
3. Screenshot expiration date: 2 days from the day it was taken.
4. Screenshot should be readable.

Video requirements:

1. In case if player with suspicion of using any other forbidden program is captured, or while using an in-game bug, on the video all the factors, which may help us to understand the whole situation objectively, should be captured.
2. Video expiration date 3 days.
3. You have to press Print Screen button, in order of date and time to appear on the in-game screen during video recording.
4. In video title, it is obligatory to indicate - Crystals MU Online and your server. For example: Crystals MU Online - Dracarys x5000.
5. In the video description, it is obligatory to add a link to our server's statistics. Go here -> and choose the right server
6. Video must be uploaded only on YouTube.

Guild chat communication:
If a clan personal correspondence is visible (@) and it contains cursed words, ban will not proceed. As an exception - if the topic was created on the clan member.
Ban will proceed if: family, close ones, forum moderators, and administration staff were insulted.
Main Jailer - OpineL

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