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List Of Our Customs


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Regular max level - 400
Master max level - 400

Disabled, and won't be returned to the game

  • 2.5 wings
  • Some rings
  • Jewel of option / ancient / level / excellent / skill 
  • Shadow phantom quest system. We have own unique quest system

You can offering your vision about this list in "Suggestions" section

Removed from drop and moved to the boxes or bosses

  • Loch's flame & Crest of Monarch --->  (Zaikan , Quest system, Catch The mouse Event , Blood Castle)
  • Condor flame --->  (Chaos castle, Golden Great Dragon, Imperial Guardian Fort)
  • Garuda flame --->  (Balgass,Imperial Guardian Fort)
  • Archangel weapons --->  (Bloody witch queen in Aida2)

Changed from the original

  • Totally reworked drop of excellent items.
  • 3 , 4 & 5 level wings can be equipped from 300 level
  • Custom NON PVP Map - Only for VIP Users
  • Crystals Arena map - For Regular and VIP users
  • All bosses and Kundun boxes drop has been changed
  • Drop of the skills. In Game guides section find your class, to check out changes 
  • Significant boosted monsters

And some other exclusive customs, which you won't ever meet on other servers. Like Skin System, Flag System, Jewel Bank System, Quest system , Lucky Wheel System and lots of new events !


Updated on 13/05/2023

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