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Returns Policy & Application Form


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Making application in event of loss:
1.  Name of the character, account and the server, where loss have happened: Normal, Market, Siege, Event.
2.  Origin of lost items: Bought by yourself in WCoin shop / Bought by someone else in web market / obtained in game process.
3.  Date and time of loss (as accurately as possible, it will accelerate recovery process).
4. How items have disappeared.
5. In detail about lost items: upgrade level, options, and the exact place where they were before the loss.
If you follow this application correctly, it will accelerate the investigation and increase the chance to recover your items.
Loss is processed only if:
1. If the loss was caused by the fault of server, or you have been hacked.
2. In case of hacking the commission of 30% from the value of lost items will be applied (at least 100 Web Credits, maximum 10 000 Web Credits).
3. All applications not complying with the rules will be closed. Create an application if only you agree with terms and conditions.
The recovery of loss is not processed, if:
1. If you gave access to your account to any third party.
2. If someone deceived you in game while trading, didn’t give you what you wanted, or didn’t give enough.
3. If you have been robbed.
4. If someone deceived you at the web-market.
5. If you planned to sell/buy something for a person, but someone else has bought it.
6. If you gave your items for someone to use, but they haven't returned them.
7. If you bought an account with the e-mail, and then the previous owner of the e-mail recovered the password together with the game account.
8. If you lose your item in chaos machine (include case if you forgot to use TOCA item)

Details of recovery with the commission:
1. The contribution of the % will be from a value the items were purchased.
2. If you have been robbed, and you agree with the policy of recovery and are willing to compensate % of the total value of lost items, add to your application: "I am willing to compensate % of the value".
3. If the items were obtained in the game process, administration will set the value of the items, depending on the complexity of the application and type of the items.
4. The amount of compensation for the stolen character will vary depending on the number of resets, hero resets and type of items equipped.
5. If you are willing to compensate % of the total value of lost items, add it as a 7th paragraph in your application. (See paragraph 2 in details of recovery with commission).

We may consider to process the application which does not conform to one or more of the rules(exclude #8), but in this case, a commission of 20% from the value of lost items will be applied (at least 100 Web Credits, maximum 6000 Web Credits).

For any attempts to deceive administration, even unsuccessfully, you will be punished with a ban.

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