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We have developed a completely custom and unique in-game Quest system. In its current state, it has over 200 quests available to players.

The system and its foundation is quite simple, but with the proper configuration, it makes a solid contribution to the gameplay, as well as greatly increases the possibilities for developing your character.

A special NPC - Quest Master is located in the cities : Lorencia , Devias , Noria and Elbelend. After talking to him, you will receive a quest.


As a reward for completing the quest, you get various useful items, Cash Points, additional stat points and Zen. Additional stat points are permanently stored on your character, and can't be burnt after resets.


To track your pending quests you need to enable "Show Quest info" from our customized "Options" panel :


And then you will get info regarding your pending quests at the right bottom side of your game screen :



Full List of our Quest System you can find here.

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