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Hi everyone ! We are preparing to migrate our Dracarys x5000 server to new Season 6 Server files that are more stable , with much more features and more pleasant game play. 

Soon , Dracarys x5000 server will be unavailable to play, we will need to transfer databases from old server files to new one. We will let you know exact dates when migration will take place. Some of the game progress will be lost , like achievements , this feature isn’t available on new server files. Please try to put all your personal staff to inventory and vault N1, also remove everything from your website virtual vault or market.

Now about new server features , updates , changes and improves : 


  • Improved FPS of the game , now gameplay and quality of the game is much better and pleasant to play.
  • Improved Skill icons quality
  • Now you won’t have any lags , after opening several windows at the same time, mu.exe now consumes a very low amount of your computer resources.
  • No more problems with the “ctrl” button anymore , now you can kill players with several windows opened.
  • Now you have better quality of image  , effects are much more remarkable specially with high quality Sets , weapons , pets , items , maps and many other improvements by visual side.
  • Improved Item bank system
  • Improved Search Party system , now it’s available from menu


  • We have lots of changes regarding Items , monsters, maps and more!
  • We totally reworked our Crystals Arena and VIP Arena.
  • We added new tier sets , weapons and shields for you !
  • Now we have a new system that gives you the possibility to craft new custom pets with different options.
  • We implemented new pets that you can win in the lottery , buy from Xshop for goblin points or just craft them !


  • Now we have a better Launcher
  • We’ve changed our Anti Cheat protection
  • We implemented new DDos Protection and the Server
  • We changed the VIP system on the website , now you can buy 3 different packages for 3, 7 , 14 and 30 days by your choice.
  • We changed rewards for mostly every event
  • We also changed bosses and their drops
  • Now after making quest , you don’t need to go back to the quest master
  • We’ve changed drops from boxes
  • Reworked all items min-max dmg , def  , and stats requirements.
  • Reworked Pet system , now you can craft Golden Fenrir , and with Golden Fenrir you can craft new Pets for all classes , in addition we have two new horses for Dark Lords.
  • All pets , including Fenrirs now have custom and unique options that are different from default configuration.
  • Changed Mixes for wings and pets.
  • Now After buying Lucky coin , they will appear in Virtual bank , so you will need to transfer them to an in game vault from the website.


  • Added Skin System
  • Added Flag system
  • Added New lucky wheel system
  • Added Active Invasions Notification system
  • Added New Pet system
  • Added In game Event Timing system
  • Added new events
  • Added tournaments and championships
  • Added Glemory Case Inventory
  • Added Store Search system from menu
  • Added LevelUp System
  • Added Advanced Status information

This is a general list of the upcoming updates ,more information will be added to the forum after the migration. Everything will be enabled, so we will need some time to test and improve configurations if we have some bugs or miss configs. Once everything will be transferred , you will get new URL for new client to download from the website.

We hope that you guys will enjoy new updates and this is not all ! we will have more surprises and features to come in the future ! 

Thank you for being loyal and being with us ! 

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