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features BankEx - Jewels and Zen Storage System (Dracarys S6)


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This is one of the cool features included in this server, as we know, jewels (and items in general) won't bundle by themselves, so they use many storage space as in inventory as they do on vault.

This feature allows you to store your jewels and zen with no limit, without the need of using vault, and being able to access them anywhere inside the server.

To use this feature all you need to do is enter "D" menu and go to page 2, there you will find this option:


Once you click on BankEx option, this other menu will pop up:


Then, to move jewels/zen from your inventory to BankEx, all you need to do is click on "+" sign on which item you wish to move.

To get back jewels/zen from bank to your inventory, all you need to do is click "-" sign and you'll get what you need, as simple as that.


Hope you find this feature useful, see you in game!

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