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updates Website & Server [07.02.2023]


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Fixed Quest #60 in Quest system.
Fixed Achievement ZEN.
Fixed Dark Elf Trainee Respawn Time now it's 1 hour.
Added Golden Medal / Silver Medal in Lost tower , Devias.
Fixed Blood Castle 8 , Now it's only available for Master Level after you reach 400 level.
Fixed Selupan Event Timing.
Now GR Will give you 5k Stat points instead of 2k
Changed Zaikan Respawn Time from 6 hours to 4 hours.
Increase a Reward Rate of Feather/Crest in Blood Castle.


Fixed Vote Rewards.
Fixed When After GR making Reset you was loosing GR Bonus Stats.

Still Working On Lags Issue on the server.

Please run your launcher to download updates.

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