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news OBT Ended - Opening February 3 !


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Crystals MU OBT Ended - Opening February 3 !

Server Opening times:

15:00 UTC -3 (Brazil, Argentina)
18:00 UTC +0 (UK)
19:00 UTC +1 (Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czechia)
20:00 UTC +2 (East Europe, Greece)
01:00 UTC +7 (Vietnam, Thailand - AM of 4th February)
02:00 UTC +8 (Philippines - AM of 4th February)

After our Closed Beta test , we had few days of Open Beta test, on this time of period we managed to fix some minor bugs and configurations that were discovered by help of our dear players ! Now We are excited to inform you that we will have opening of our Dracarys x5000 server on February 3 !

We want to thank all of you , you helped us to improve our server, who joined us and Big thanks to all players who are waiting our opening ! We passed a hard and big road to present you product that we created and you was waiting it so long !

OBT Rewards

BaTtoUsAi - 1st Place - 700 Web Credits
GladToDead - 2nd Place - 600 Web Credits
Kironik - 3rd Place - 500 Web Credits
Klays - 4rd Place - 400 Game Credits
xo6ot - 5th Place - 300 Game Credits


Also in additional , please those who reported bugs in discord , forum , DM etc write me in discord or on forum list of the bugs reported by you , so we can pay out you for your help as a rewards 🙂

From 30 January server will be unreachable for everyone till the opening ! So for any questions , suggestions or other topics contact us via discord, forum or Support system !

Registered Accounts will remain as is, so on opening you will be able to use them to log in to the game but all achievements , credits , items, characters etc will be deleted.

Here are the list of events that are still available.

Referral Event - more info here.
Guild Migration - more info here.
Facebook Event - more info here.
Cooperation - more info here.

Our Discord Channel - Join.


Please Download our client from here.
Note: if launcher will give and error , run launcher as administrator. If problem will still persist contact administration.

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