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We wanted to make Vulcanus different from what you faced before. There are few monsters that came out from Lava and are very dangerous, so you will need high resets to start farm them and received Wcoins (P).

Now Vulcanus is a farm map for Wcoins (P) that you are able to spend on X-shop.

Infernal Bull (8x)- 500 Wcoins (P) - Respawn Time 2h
Infernal Hund (4x) - 1000 Wcoins (P) - Respawn Time 4h
Infernal Elite Bull (2x) - 2000 Wcoins (P) - Respawn Time 6h


Each Golden invasion in Vulcanus will appear Golden Golem. After killing you will receive 3000 Wcoins (P).

Also Players can farm normal mobs in Vulcanus and get 1 Wcoin (P) from each of them, so there will be a big competition for the spots ! 

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