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Greetings to all our future players !

Today we will announce 3 positions that would help our server to evolve, so you will be the part of our team and future achievements.

Tester Position

          Our project is new & fresh, that's why we need people, who will be active in-game and know the PVP/PVE side of the game.
This will be a team of a few players, who will take help with tests on the server before the opening. You will have some discussions about future updates and changes. You will have a special status in discord where you will be able to suggest , report everything regarding gameplay faster.

Watcher Position

What we need from you : 
1. Responsible, judicious, know how to sort out any conflict situation
3. Are familiar with MU Online Season 6
4. Have good English skills, to be able to hold in-game and forum events, understand and reply to participant's messages
5. Have a will and ability to entertain and help people
6. Active and Available on Discord most of the time

Streamer Position

We want to interact and get as many people as possible from all available places to our server. If you are an active player, you have anything to tell or show or you have always had a desire to start streaming, that is constantly best time to start it! New ideas and implementation of interesting activities are always welcome and rewarded separately.

Some Details Regarding Streaming rules : 

1. You need to make 7 streams, at least 2 hours each.
2. Active gameplay.
3. After start of the stream, your stream URL will be posted automatically in our Discord channel #streamers
4. It is obligatory to save recordings all of the streams and events you made on your channel

Rewards will be calculated according to these criteria:

  • How well channel is designed. That includes: description, buttons, bot commands and messages, stream video quality
  • Whether you stream with micro and respond to messages in chat
  • Webcam will be a slight advantage as well

Just leave:

1. Your Discord ID
2. Where are you from?
3. Your Age?

As in-game rewards we would like to offer you Web Credits depending on your contribution.

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