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  1. Web Fixed Warp Map Levels and Costs. Added VIP Icon in Rankings. Now you can use market/virtual vault without exiting the game. Password Feature added to the market, now you can set a password for the items. Market days limit for items were fixed. Added Service To buy Lucky Coins for Delgado NPC.
  2. Server Installed LTP Guard Anticheat System. Fixed Noria Respawn Map after death, now is Lorencia The Quester now works on multiple locations Added Delgado NPC In-Game Lottery Added Golden Archer & David NPCs Fixed Naga spawn problem , was spawning 3 at the same time. Fixed Bungarus , Naja, Echis and Naga Drops. Please run your launcher to download updates.
  3. Server Updated Draco Skin Dimensions. Added Sound Effect for Draco. Updated Stats of Most of Monsters and Bosses. Fixed Weapon Box Titles when it's on the ground. Fixed NPC Locations Pins on Minimap. Web Added to display character Gens, Quests and Server properly in Character Panel. Added Guild Marks in Rankings. After Log in , user is redirected to Vote Page. Please run your launcher to download updates.
  4. Server Added Rewards for Blood Castle and Devil Square. Fixed 5 announcements at the same time. Fixed Golden Invasion Announcement. Fixed Kalima 2 Teleport Issue. Fixed Maps Teleport Levels. Added Few Spots in Lorencia. Quest 40 Fixed Quest 67 Fixed
  5. Server Fixed Teleport Cost between maps Fixed and Configured Cash Shop Reworked Scroll Buffs and Seals from X-Shop Reworked Red Dragon, Lunar Rabbit and Snakes Drops Reworked items Durability and Stats requirements Reorganized NPCs in all Maps Created New Installation pack .exe file Added Sounds to the client After you die in Crystals Arena and VIP Arena , you will respawn at the beginning of the map All Shops has been reworked Fixed Wings of Curse Req. level display Fixed Zen drop in all maps Uploaded new Quests : Now you have 300 quests and lots of rewards for them ! (Please in case of any mistake contact administration) Please run your launcher to download updates.
  6. Web Fixed to sell all kind of items on web market. Server Updated Socket Box Drops ( was displaying wrong title names) Scroll of inferno +11 removed from Star of Christmas. Now all 380 items can be equipped and starts to work after 380 level. Fixed Zen drop in all maps. Added Snakes in Noria. (More info about them you you can check here.) Added Brova to the Weapon box +4. Fixed Error Message Announcements. Removed all test NPC from Maps. Cleared Inventory of all characters. ( related with web market update). Added new Farm Mobs in Noria : Schriker ,Cursed King , Metal Balrog , Hero Mutant , Omega Wing , Axl Hero , Gigas Golem. ( more info about their Drop and respawn time you can check here.) Please run your launcher to download updates.
  7. Web Updated all URLs for Supported Files. Changed Meta Picture. Server Added New boss "Draco" in Crystals Arena. Added New Middle Bosses "Asterion" & "Orthus" in Crystals Arena. Added New boss "Golden Great Dragon" - Every 24h Randomly in Noria , Lorencia, Devias And Elbelend. Added 4 New Mobs in Vulcanus. : Infernal Bull 8x, Infernal Hund 4x, Infernal Elite Bull 2x and Minotaur 1x( More info about their drops and respawn times later) Added Guild Warehouse in Devias (220,67) Customized "The Quester" NPC look. Fixed Socket Box Drop Fixed Crystals Arena & Crystals Market Teleport Display Name Fixed Raklion Teleport Display Name Fixed No Visual Item drops. Removed Socket Items drops from normal mobs. Now Aida (1-2) and Lost Tower (1-7) Maps are non-pvp. Fixed Fire Flame Ghost Drop in Dungeon. Disabled Dark Lord Summon in Crystals Arena & VIP Arena. Decreased Drops in Blood Castle and Devil Square ( Need to test ) Remake Dark Raven Attack Speed. Now You need to run the game only threw Launcher. List of groups with Reworked Item Level, Min/Max Dmg, Durability , Req. Stats : Swords Axes Maces/Scepters Spears Bows Staffs Shields Please run your launcher to download updates.
  8. Web Fixed Reset Skill Tree Problem. P.S. : Also a great news, we started to work on our own CMS. Server Fixed to drop Level 40 & 80 Warrior Rings. Added White Wizards and Red Dragons on each map on every invasion (Lorencia, Devias & Noria). Fixed Orc Soldier of Doom and Orc Archer of Doom Drops. Reworked VIP Arena Spawn Coordinates. Removed Silent Map from "M". Disabled Quests from Shadow Phantom Soldier, now it buffs you instead of giving a window. Reworked some spots on VIP Arena and Crystals Arena. Fixed Firecracker, Silver Medal and Golden Medal Drops. Golden Soldiers now drop Golden Medals. Removed Devias 2 and 3 from "M". Now you can use OffTrade only in Crystals Market - You can warp to the map from Lorencia (139 , 138 ) "Market Union Member Julia" List of the corrected items of their in game display names : Socket Box Potion of Bless Potion of Soul Silver Medal Wizard's Ring Spirit of Dark horse Spirit of Dark Raven Sign of Lord Jack O'Lantern Piercing Blade Glove Crest of Monarch You will need to update your client threw Launcher.
  9. Web In account panel (services) the gap between service names and descriptions was fixed. Removed unwanted features from services Reworked Account panel Menu Added Gallery on Main Page Added Terms and Conditions check box to be required on Donation Page All successful purchases and actions on website has success alert or box at the right bottom side Reworked Logout Button Fixed visual side of the website : Reworked Discord Button on main page Reworked Main Menu Moved LTP Logo Moved Facebook box at the bottom Reworked News Page Server Bloody Golem Now Drops Low Grade Excellent Ancient Items in Dungeon every 24 hours (1x) Medusa Now Drops High Grade Excellent Ancient Items in Swamp every 24 hours (1x) Dark Mammoth Drops Socket items 1-3 Slots in Raklion every 1 hour (5x) Fixed Medusa Respawn Time and duration Fixed Selupan Drop Fixed All Weapon Boxes ( +1, +2 , +3 , +4 ) Fixed Golden Rabbits Invasion and drop Fixed Silver & Gold Medal Drops Added Blue Heart and Fixed it's Drops Fixed Global Post Message Delay to 5 sec ( was 30 sec ) Fixed Scroll button Enable/Disable Helper List of the corrected items of their in game display : Crossbow Small Shield Storm Zahard Sacred Fire Increase Block Parchment Orb of Swell Life Storm Crow Set Soleil Scepter Eternal Wing Scroll of Archangel Scroll of Emperor Tear of Elf Soul Shard of Wizard Pink Chocolate Box Red Chocolate Box Death-Beam Knight Flame Hell-Miner Horn Sign of Dimensions Mirror of Dimensions Splinter of Armor Crystal of Multi-Shot Scroll of Critical Damage Scroll of Summon Scroll of Electric Spark Bless of Guardian Claw of Beast Piece of Horn Scroll of Fire Scream Divine Sword of Archangel Imperial Sword Sacred Glove Holy Storm Claw Divine Scepter of Archangel Divine Crossbow of Archangel Divine Staff of Archangel Red Wing Stick Divine Stick of Archangel Horn Shield Succubus Set Piercing Grove Set Destroyer Set Skeleton Transformation Ring Socket Box Crest of Monarch Potion of Bless Potion of Soul Silver Medal Blue Luck Pouch Red Luck Pouch Wizard's Ring Spirit of Dark horse Spirit of Dark Raven Sign of Lord Jack O'lantern You will need to update your client threw Launcher.
  10. Server Fixed Skills scroll prices in shops ( Berserkers , Defense etc. ) now you can buy them for zen. Added New Level 4 Wings for all classes. Name of map La Cleon changed to Raklion Added Loren Deep in Map Console ("M") Added Crystals Arena -PVP, accessible for everyone from level 300. Arena Changed to VIP Arena - NON PVP, accessible only for Silver , Gold and Platinum VIP Users from level 230. Added VIP Shop in VIP Arena. Increased Life of Blood Castle Gate and Statue. Reworked Monster Spots for all maps. Added Bali (1x - Drop Excellent Pendant Box - 8 hours Respawn) and Soldier (2x - Drop Excellent Ring Box - 6 hours Respawn) in Atlans Killing Monsters in Tarkan gives Guild Score Removed. Renamed Silver Box -> Excellent Ring Box Renamed Golden Box -> Excellent Pendant Box Green Box : Changed Description to - "Throw This item on the ground to receive Loch's Feather or Crest of Monarch" Web Fixed Recent Forum Topics Time Display on Main page. Fixed Items image size in inventory. Fixed some visual details. Added Announcements Category on Main Page. Added Comments counter in news on Main Page. Added Divider between News on Main Page. Added Descriptions on VIP Package Select Page. Added Voting , now you can vote and get free Credits. Added PayPal as payment method You will need to update your client threw Launcher.
  11. Fixed titles and descriptions for some boxes : Weapon Box +1 Weapon Box +2 Weapon Box +3 Weapon Box +4 Red Ribbon Box Green Ribbon Box Blue Ribbon Box Socket Box Added New boxes for in-game Lottery (will be added lately) : Crystals Weapon Box Crystals Shield Box Crystals Pet Box Added New Golden Mobs : Golden Dark Knight - Dungeon - Weapon Box +1 Golden Devil - Lost tower - Weapon Box +2 Golden Crust - Icarus - Weapon Box +3 Golden Iron Knight - Rakleon - Weapon Box +4 Some Minor Fixes : Mg could use Blade Knight swell skill Bad word filter removed at all Angelic Bow Description was not correct Thunder blade was not correct Size in inventory Dark Breaker blade was not correct Size in inventory Explosion blade was not correct Size in inventory DayBreak blade was not correct Size in inventory Sword Dancer blade was not correct Size in inventory Rune blade was not correct Size in inventory In shop berserkers skill price was Goblin Points Removed W Coin (p) from x Shop Removed Skeleton King Invasion Announcement Fixed Drops from all Golden mobs You will need to update your client threw Launcher.
  12. Updated Hanzo The Blacksmith Shop (Added missing parts). Scheduled Blood Castle Event. Scheduled Devil Square Event. Scheduled White Wizards Invasion Event. Scheduled Red Dragon Invasion Event. Scheduled Moss Merchant. Scheduled Medusa. Scheduled Golden Invasion Event. Scheduled The Crywolf. Scheduled Loren Deep Event. Scheduled Happy Hour. Scheduled Skeleton King. Added Events Schedule on Website. Fixed Quest System Rewarded Stats Points aren't lost after reset. Fixed after reset from teleport all chars respawn in Lorencia. Some Minor Visual Fixes on website. Added server rules ( you can read them here.) Added first 50 quests to our quest system. Master Level increased to 400 levels.
  13. Some Website Fixes The position of Web Credits changed to first position in account panel. When clicking on discord button, invitation page wasn't opening up in new tab. In clear inventory service button text "Clear inventory" wasn't fitting in the button. Ranking "Online players" was not working, because it was disabled, so it was removed from ranking. In account logs the field name "Ip address" was changed to just "IP" because it's shorter and doesn't take up that much space. Some modules (currency to other currency exchange, stats specialization, transfer credits, currency to Zen exchange) were not working in services. We made Items market and character market blocks (on the left side) clickable (redirect to items market and characters market). Added server time near the list of events Fixed When you open the character info that is on sale, it doesn't fit in the page Expanded inventories don't fit. Buttons on the right upper side (Facebook, twitter and twitch) not working (redirects not added and maybe some buttons won't be needed there). - Removed , No need for now. In change class service price was not specified (what credits, web or game) Change name "CHANGE CLASS" Button added. Active Today: was not showing on main page. Transfer credits - (account logs IP ) - Fixed, removed that feature , no need it all. In item market block (left side of the website) the part "Cost:" was removed. Fixed Registration and change password problem on website
  14. Server Side Added Missing Legendary Helm in Wizard shop. Fixed Large Healing and Mana Potions can't be bought from Lorencia Bar Spirit of Dark Raven and Dark Horse drop were moved to higher maps just to make it more valuable Dark elf respawn time 2 hours - Need to be checked. Removed when going to Crywolf, it gives you "Noob buff" which gives you 26% experience, 27% damage and 29% defense. Changed Imperial Guardian (Gaion) Standby time to 15 sec Website Side Installed licensed CMS Installed Template Added missing Sidebars Connected Forums latest news Added Character Market Added Send Credits between accounts Added Additional Languages packs : Russian , Vietnamese, Spanish , Portuguese ( Soon will be added Latvian , Georgian ) Added Stats Specialization
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