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Found 6 results

  1. I got sign of dimension +1 https://prnt.sc/9Sw1WU6WiLBX and dimensional mirror event does not have any numeration on the tickets.
  2. Two items have wrong durability in description (can not be repaired to full) Angelic Bow (24/193) Battle Bow (38/195)
  3. Can not enter Chaos Castle 7. Level 400, 3rd quest done. Error writes that the level of Cloak of Invisibility (BC item) is wrong
  4. Found that some items have different name while on ground and in inventory. On ground Inventory Additional Crossbow Devil Crossbow Caprice bow Battle Bow Small Shield Round Shield Orb of Greater Fortitude Orb of Greater Defense Elf buff Healing Org Orb of Healing full set Storm Jahad Storm Zahard full set Sacred Sacred Fire Increase Block Parchment Defense Rate Parchment RF buff Orb of Greater Fortitude Orb of Swell Life BK buff Storm Crow Storm full set
  5. Cannot enter bc with invisibility cloak created from goblin. BC ticket which bought from NPC can only enter BC8.
  6. entered BC 8 and when started I got dropped out from bc, no notification no msg, just dropped out in devias.
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