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  1. This is one of the cool features included in this server, as we know, jewels (and items in general) won't bundle by themselves, so they use many storage space as in inventory as they do on vault. This feature allows you to store your jewels and zen with no limit, without the need of using vault, and being able to access them anywhere inside the server. To use this feature all you need to do is enter "D" menu and go to page 2, there you will find this option: Once you click on BankEx option, this other menu will pop up: Then, to move jewels/zen from your inventory to BankEx, all you need to do is click on "+" sign on which item you wish to move. To get back jewels/zen from bank to your inventory, all you need to do is click "-" sign and you'll get what you need, as simple as that. Hope you find this feature useful, see you in game!
  2. Hello, Recently we added new feature to the client that improves the graphic quality of the MU a bit, such as antialiasing, etc. from the updater, but some of the players , prefer old quality. So we will add this feature as an option, so if you would like to have it, you will just need to add it manually. In "QeffectsGL.ini" you have several options to modify the effects and the quality of image. To install it, copy the "opengl32.dll" "QeffectsGL.ini" and paste it in your Client. Download
  3. We wanted to make Vulcanus different from what you faced before. There are few monsters that came out from Lava and are very dangerous, so you will need high resets to start farm them and received Wcoins (P). Now Vulcanus is a farm map for Wcoins (P) that you are able to spend on X-shop. Infernal Bull (8x)- 500 Wcoins (P) - Respawn Time 2h Infernal Hund (4x) - 1000 Wcoins (P) - Respawn Time 4h Infernal Elite Bull (2x) - 2000 Wcoins (P) - Respawn Time 6h Each Golden invasion in Vulcanus will appear Golden Golem. After killing you will receive 3000 Wcoins (P). Also Players can farm normal mobs in Vulcanus and get 1 Wcoin (P) from each of them, so there will be a big competition for the spots !
  4. In order to gain an advantage over an opponent in battle, all our characters are endowed with the ability to use combos. Before trying to perform combos, make sure that your character has mastered Marlon Quest (only DL , MG and RF can do combo without completing Marlon quest). In our game, combo - is a consistent use of three skills at a certain speed. Correctly completed combo forms a bright blue shockwave effect. Below you can see skill combinations for combos of each class. Note: 2nd skill has to be single attack (just one hit) otherwise the combo will fail! Blade Knight – (You must be equipped with a weapon which has a skill!) Any Sword Skill -> Death Stab -> Strike of destruction Any Sword Skill -> Rageful Blow -> Strike of destruction Any Sword Skill -> Twisting Slash -> Strike of destruction Any Sword Skill -> Strike of Destruction -> Death Stab Any Sword Skill -> Strike of Destruction -> Twisting Slash Any Sword Skill -> Strike of Destruction -> Rageful Blow Any Sword Skill -> Twisting Slash -> Death Stab Any Sword Skill -> Death Stab -> Twisting Slash Any Sword Skill -> Twisting Slash -> Rageful Blow Any Sword Skill -> Death Stab -> Rageful Blow Any Sword Skill -> Rageful Blow -> Twisting Slash Any Sword Skill -> Rageful Blow -> Death Stab BK are the most experienced masters in combo arts. That’s why they have the most advanced combo combinations. Weapon skill always comes as first and then you can use any 2 from: Twisting Slash Death Stab Rageful blow Strike of Destruction. High Elf Multishot -> Penetration -> Ice Arrow Tripleshot -> Penetration -> Ice Arrow Duel Master (strength) Power Slash -> Twisting Slash -> Flame Strike Duel Master (energy) Gigantic Storm -> Ice -> Ice Storm Lord Emperor Fire Burst -> Electric Spike -> Chaotic Diseier Fire Burst -> Fire Scream -> Chaotic Diseier Grand Master Lighting -> Ice -> Decay Lighting -> Aqua -> Storm Poison -> Aqua -> Storm Poison -> Ice -> Decay Summoner Any Book Skill -> Chain Lightning -> Lighting Shock Drain Life -> Chain Lightning -> Lighting Shock Rage Fighter - (You must be equipped with a weapon which has a skill!) Any Glove Skill -> Dragon Slasher -> Dark Side Any Glove Skill -> Dragon Roar -> Chain Drive
  5. The Valley of Loren and Land of Trials Every week the main event of the game process, Castle Siege, is being played on our servers. the winning guild is then awarded with many benefits - they get control of a very special location - Land of Trials. Also the castle lord can earn 1-3% of all zen operations that are done in-game, for example, from chaos machine or in-game stores. A very special NPC Senior is located in the throne room in the Valley of Loren. with this npc's help, the castle lord can regulate the tax, fix and update castle structures, and once every 24 hours he can use Senior Mix - used to craft the Castle Lord Box Senior Mix can be used once every 24 hours, and for the combination you will need 30 jewels of guardian, jewel of bless x30, jewel of soul x30 & 1kkk zen. this combination will result in the Castle Lord Box And with a 50% chance, an additional Crystal Box can also mixed out. Winner Guild will have opportunity to farm Phoenix Feather from Gigas Golems in Land of Trial, their spawn time is 24 hours, so in 1 week guild will be able to craft in chaos machine Exclusive Castle Lord Wings : Wings of Crystal. Their % completely matches the 3rd wings for other classes, however, all classes can wear these wings. Mix rate is 100% success, for the combination you will need : Flame of Condor 6x Phoenix feather 10x Soul , 10x Bless, 10x Creation, 10x Chaos 1kkk Zen Land of trials - only the winning alliance has access to this very special location. land of trials is a farm-zone filled with many different bosses and mini-bosses which provide a large amount of various drops. in this location it is possible to farm anything you want in any given time - starting from jewels to excellent and ancient items, it can all be found here. the bosses spawn randomly in any part of the map. The drop in land of trials: Pouch of Blessing - x5 - 15 minutes - Random Jewels Lunar Rabbit - x3 - 1 hour - Jewel of Chaos , Jewel of Guardian, Rena Soldier - 1x - 6 hours - Excellent Ring Box Bali - 1x - 8 hours - Excellent Pendant Box Bloody Orc - 2x - 6 hours - Ancient set items low grade Bloody Death Rider - 1x - 12 hours - Ancient set items high grade Gigas Golem - 1x - 24 hours - Phoenix Feather Erohim - 1x - 25 hours - Purple Chaos Box Kundun - 1x - 25 hours - High Grade Excellent Ancient Item Monday 00:00 - registration start Friday 22:55 - end of registration Saturday 00:01 - registration of sign's of lord Saturday 22:55- end or registration of sign's of lord Saturday 22:59- final list of guilds Sunday - castle siege event minimal level for registration for guild master - 200. note: if you didn't register your guild till the end of the second stage or registration, you won't be able to join to the Castle Siege event.
  6. Lottery - automatic personal in-game prices draw, where mostly you will get jewels and boxes, yet sometimes you might receive good and quite valuable items. You can find Delgado in Lorencia near the bar. Due to full items store absence on Crystals MU project, lottery items have Full Random Excellent options. The cost of one Lottery is: Lucky Coin 1 : 0.5 Web Credits You can buy 30, 300, or 1500 (with a discount) coins on the website. All lottery items are split into groups. 4 groups in total, the higher the group number, the better the items, and the lower chance to win them. Delgado Lottery list: Jackpot: CrystaL Weapon Box (Only with 30 coins) CrystaL Shield Box (Only with 20 coins) Talisman of Chaos Assembly GROUP 1: Socket Box Box of Luck Talisman of Luck (Only with 10 coins) GROUP 2: Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Harmony x30 (Only with 30 coins) Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Harmony x20 (Only with 20 coins) Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Harmony x10 (Only with 10 coins) GROUP 3: Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Harmony x1 Note: lottery guarantees a price only from group 3, the rest depends on your luck. Important: All boxes (Crystals Weapon Box, Crystals Shield Box) gives you an opportunity to get one weapon/shield from this box. For example, if you won crystals weapon box, you you will get a random class weapon, so we don't guarantee that the drop will suit your class. Note 2: Prices and Rewards can be changed at any time as % rate of them.
  7. You will have opportunity to meet two NPC in Elbeland. Golden Archer serves to his master David. There for David ordered him to collect Rena-s from Special Mobs in Noria/Lorencia/Devias/Elbeland called , "Fire Flame ghost" that spawns every 1 hour in random location. It can give you 1x Rena per kill. You will need to collect 10x of them to bring Renas to Golden Archer in Elbeland (22,211) You will need to register at least 10 Renas to get "Lucky Item Card" that can be 1st and 2nd Grade as well. ( % of 2nd grade is much lower then 1st grade card drop rate. ) This card you will need to bring to David near Golden Archer. And in Exchange you will get Helm, Armor , Pants , Gloves or Boots depends on the part of the card you will have. There are 2 grades of Ancient items depends on the card grade, so for example : 1st grade item for Dark Lord will be : Moro's Scale 2nd grade item for Dark Lord will be : Moro's Adamantine Items can be randomly from +0 to +6
  8. The achievement system covers all aspects of gameplay, including world exploration, PvE, PvP, events, craft etc. For completing achievements players are rewarded with credits and achievement points. Achievement points increase your Achievements Power Buff. The higher the level, the stronger your character become. Buff affects the following characteristics: Physical Damage, Wizardry Damage, Maximum Life, Critical and Excellent Damage. Basically, it means, that now you can level-up your Character Achievements and advance your character, further more in damage, defense and health even if you have the best items and full stats - there's more things to do now! Go ahead and level-up your achievements to the 100% and get your character power upgraded further more! Rewards for completing an achievement is not only the Power Buffs but also per 500 Credits for each achievement completion. Credits reward is applied instantly. Your current Achievement and Power Buff are displayed and updated in the game in real time. Information about your Achievements and Achievements Power Buff can be viewed ingame by hitting keyboard button "D" , Sliding Game menu to the second page and clicking "Achievements". 50 Unique Achievements 5 Achievements Power Buffs
  9. what is Virtual Vault and for what you can use it ? It allows you to store your items on the website and sell them to other players. A little guide how to use it : In order to put an item up for sale or in virtual vault, first you need to exit from the game. To put items for sale you can select item directly from the vault without moving it to Virtual Vault. When buying items from the market, they will also go into your Virtual Vault. In the market section, you will be putting up items for sale already from vault. Updating lots on the market can be done only after leaving the game. We will work in a feature to do all these features without leaving the game, after they are in Virtual Vault.
  10. For our Crystals MU Online server we remade Arena and made from it NON-PVP VIP Arena Without any customs and Specially for VIP users. Requirements: VIP account and 225 regular level Monster list: Every spot is different from each other ! Starts from lowest mobs , ending by 4 Master level spots for competition ! Boss: Lord of Kundun , Erohim Monster name From which map Exp type Death Gorgons Lost Tower Regular Beam Knight Tarkan Regular Alquamos Icarus Regular Mega Crust Icarus Regular Queen Rainer Icarus Regular Alpha Crust Icarus Regular Great Drakan Icarus Regular Berserker Kanturu Regular Kentauros Kanturu Regular Twin Tails Kanturu Relic Regular Kentauros Kanturu Regular Coolutin Raklion Master Iron Knight Raklion Master Dark Coolutin Raklion Master Dark Iron Knight Raklion Master Additionally you VIP users will meet VIP Shop "Leina the general goods" You will get Special items from Leina to simplify your gameplay : You can donate and buy VIP services from here.
  11. Earn Game Credits Monthly by winning in each category! Ranking of Blood Castle: it counts your visits to the event. Only Top 10 will get a reward. Ranking of Devil Square: it counts your DS event points. Only Top 10 will get a reward. Ranking of Chaos Castle: it counts your victories in events. Only Top 5 will get a reward. Ranking of Duels: it counts your victories in duels. Only Top 5 will get a reward. P.S in future we will have more features to add for rankings and their winners !
  12. This Feature is great for players who can't leave computer at the night or just going to the work etc. , so you can offlevel your character and turn of your computer. Use the following command to start off-leveling - /offexp Maximum duration for players - 12 hours Maximum duration for VIP players - unlimited Cost - 10kk zen per 1 hour Pick up items - only zen.
  13. You have a default view of camera, but with the new 3d camera you have more features like : Game Options - Camera on/off Game Options - Reset to the default settings Mouse wheel - turning the wheel: Zoom in/out Mouse wheel Button - Hold the mouse wheel button: rotate the camera
  14. In our server, we have three types of currency exchanges: currency to currency, currency to zen and currency to wcoins When you make donations for our server you receive Web Credits as reward. These can be used to purchase VIP or exchange it for Wcoins, Game credits or Zen. You can Make Donation from here. Exchange ratios: Web Credits to Game credits 1:1.2 Game Credits to Wcoins 1:10 (Minimal exchange rate is 10 Game credits) Web Credits to Zen: 1:1000000 Examples: If you exchange 100 Web credits for Game credits you will receive 120 Game credits. If you exchange 100 Game credits to Wcoins you will receive 1000 Wcoins. If you exchange 100 Web credits to Zen you will receive 100000000 Zen (100kk).
  15. In Account panel you have ability to save for yourself different stat builds. Price for one saved build is 20 web credits. Firstly, you must distribute your stats in game on your character for which you want to save stat specialization. After you have done it, log off, go to web page, select Account panel -> Services -> Stats specialization and press “SAVE STATS” button. In opened window fill in name for specialization which you will save, and press “SUBMIT”. Now you will be able to freely change between all your saved stat builds. All you need to do is log off from game and press “LOAD SPECIALIZATION” Check our other unique features here
  16. We have developed a completely custom and unique in-game Quest system. In its current state, it has over 200 quests available to players. The system and its foundation is quite simple, but with the proper configuration, it makes a solid contribution to the gameplay, as well as greatly increases the possibilities for developing your character. A special NPC - Quest Master is located in the cities : Lorencia , Devias , Noria and Elbelend. After talking to him, you will receive a quest. As a reward for completing the quest, you get various useful items, Cash Points, additional stat points and Zen. Additional stat points are permanently stored on your character, and can't be burnt after resets. To track your pending quests you need to enable "Show Quest info" from our customized "Options" panel : And then you will get info regarding your pending quests at the right bottom side of your game screen : Full List of our Quest System you can find here.
  17. In our game server we have a unique feature that you won't find in any other season 6 episode 3 mu online private server, we simplified your gameplay by adding a special NPC Apostle Devin, let me show you how it works : In game press “D” to open command window. Then select 2nd page and chose “Party Search” In opened window select “Active System”, mark or unmark all needed options, wanted classes in party and press “OK”. Congratz!! Your party search is created.🥳 Now all players who wish to join your party must warp to Lorencia and find NPC “Apostle Devin” (130; 121). In opened window we can find all created parties with active system on at this moment and all info concerned each party: Party leader / Location / coordinates / party member count. In opened window player must find party and press “+” Check our other unique features here.
  18. Referral system You have friends who also want to join this server? Don’t hesitate to invite them using our referral system. Later you will receive reward for each player who has used your referral link and reached 40/70/100 resets. Reward 1 – for 40 resets -> 40 web credits Reward 2 – for 70 resets -> 70 web credits Reward 3 – for 100 resets -> 100 web credits Additionally, when your referral will withdraw donate bonuses to the server, then you will receive an additional + 3% of the transfer amount per person. Check our other unique features here
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