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    Forum Rules

    1. Communication with Administrators and Watchers.
    1.1. Threads to the forum administration staff in real life are forbidden.
    Penalty: Permanent account block in-game and on forum.
    1.2. Insulting administration and Watchers.
    Penalty: Read-Only on forum from 7 days and longer.
    2. Communication process on forum.
    2.1. Racism and nationalism manifestation.
    Penalty: Read Only for a period of a week and longer.
    2.2. Players humiliation without using curse words.
    Penalty: Read Only for a period of one to 3 days.
    2.3. Players humiliation using curse words.
    Penalty: Read Only for a period of 3 days to one week.
    2.4. Other MU Online game servers advertisements.
    Penalty: Permanent ban.
    2.5. Insulting attitude to a player's family and relatives.
    Penalty: Read Only for a period of 2 weeks.
    2.6. Threatening in real life.
    Penalty: Read Only for a period of 2 weeks and more.
    2.7 Prohibited flood in the chat and other topics.
    Penalty: Read Only for one day.

    2.8. It is forbidden to create multi accounts and continue to break the rules of the forum.
    Penalty: Permanent ban + ban in the game.

    2.9. It is forbidden to mention a nickname of administration in the topic name.
    Penalty: Read-Only for 1 week and topic deletion.
    Additional information:
    There are situations in which Administration staff make decisions based not on server rules but on communication and scenery standards.
    For each subsequent violation - Read-only increases of the n- number of RO.

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