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      • Web Fixed Warp Map Levels and Costs. Added VIP Icon in Rankings. Now you can use market/virtual vault without exiting the game. Password Feature added to the market, now you can set a password for the items. Market days limit for items were fixed. Added Service To buy Lucky Coins for Delgado NPC.  
      • Server Installed LTP Guard Anticheat System. Fixed Noria Respawn Map after death, now is Lorencia The Quester now works on multiple locations Added Delgado NPC In-Game Lottery Added Golden Archer & David NPCs Fixed Naga spawn problem , was spawning 3 at the same time. Fixed Bungarus , Naja, Echis and Naga Drops.   Please run your launcher to download updates.
      • Lottery - automatic personal in-game prices draw, where mostly you will get jewels and boxes, yet sometimes you might receive good and quite valuable items. You can find Delgado in Lorencia near the bar. Due to full items store absence on Crystals MU project, lottery items have Full Excellent options.  The cost of one Lottery is:  Lucky Coin 30 :  20 Web Credits You can buy 30, 300, or 1500 (with a discount) coins on the website. All lottery items are split into groups. 4 groups in total, the higher the group number, the better the items, and the lower chance to win them.   Delgado Lottery list: Jackpot: Excellent Socket Weapon Box (Only with 30 coins) Excellent Socket Shield Box (Only with 20 coins) Talisman of Chaos Assembly GROUP 1:  Socket Box Box of Luck Talisman of Luck (Only with 10 coins) GROUP 2:  Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Harmony x30 (Only with 30 coins) Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Harmony x20 (Only with 20 coins) Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Harmony x10 (Only with 10 coins) GROUP 3:  Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Harmony x1 Note: lottery guarantees a price only from group 3, the rest depends on your luck. Important: All boxes (Crystals Weapon Box, Crystals Shield Box) gives you an opportunity to get one weapon/shield from this box. For example, if you won crystals weapon box, you need to drop it from the class that you want to get for. Note 2: Prices and Rewards can be changed at any time as % rate of them.
      • You will have opportunity to meet two NPC in Elbeland. Golden Archer serves to his master David. There for David ordered him to collect Rena-s from Special Mobs in Noria called , "Gigas Golem" that spawns every 15 minutes in random location. It will give you 1x Rena per kill.  You will need to collect 10x of them to bring Renas to Golden Archer in Elbeland (22,211) You will need to register at least 10 Renas to get "Lucky Item Card" that can be 1st and 2nd Grade as well. ( % of 2nd grade is much lower then 1st grade card drop rate. )   This card you will need to bring to David near Golden Archer. And in Exchange you will get Helm, Armor , Pants , Gloves or Boots depends on the part of the card you will have.    There are 2 grades of Ancient items depends on the card grade, so for example :  1st grade item for Dark Lord will be : Moro's Scale 2nd grade item for Dark Lord will be : Moro's Adamantine Items can be randomly from +0 to +6
      • Server Updated Draco Skin Dimensions. Added Sound Effect for Draco. Updated Stats of Most of Monsters and Bosses. Fixed Weapon Box Titles when it's on the ground. Fixed NPC Locations Pins on Minimap. Web  Added to display character Gens, Quests and Server properly in Character Panel. Added Guild Marks in Rankings. After Log in , user is redirected to Vote Page.   Please run your launcher to download updates.
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